Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wind Chimes

While vloggers like Josh Leo are out there changing the world, our little vlog here can teach you how to make a wind chime - that's right - a genuine wind chime! (Forget slow news week, it's been a slow news summer in South Range . . .)

Click here or on the picture, watch this video, and then go through your junk drawers and find things that can clang together and make your own little corner of the world a little bit more musical.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We're Not Dead, Really!

After the thousands, ahem, dozens of messages we received over the past two months, it seems like people were getting worried. Did the snow finally finish off Nate and Rachel? Did Joe and Remi start a neighborhood cat revolution? Did the Upper Peninsula lose its Internet privileges?

The truth is . . . we've been busy. It's a sad, pathetic truth, we know, but we've had a hard time making new posts.

But we're back now! Everything is OK!
So stop worrying, click here or on the picture, and enjoy where we last left off . . .

Music: Snow is Gone by Josh Ritter